Hi, sorry for answering late. I had no access to the PC to run the 
test.Actually the splash parameter was not set. I started linux without the 
quiet parameter then stopped it with : sudo shutdown -h now  as you 
suggested.Same behaviour: the PC displays briefly a few lines then goes to a 
black screen but does not power off.ChristianEnvoyé depuis mon smartphone Linux 
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Christian Quentin <christian.quen...@architecte-du-web.com>, 
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Bug#943791: general: laptop HP 15_bw0xx does not power-off
  properly On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 09:18:19PM +0100, Christian Quentin wrote:> 
* when I ask Debian to stop (from Gnome), the shutdown sequence seems to 
follow> the usual steps, the a blank screen appears.The screen is not 
completely off.> The PC does not power-off.> * As the PC does not stop, I have 
to press the power button 10 seconds which> does not seem to be the best way to 
stop a computer.> * I would expect the shutdown sequence to power-off the 
computer completely.> * Hint : shutting down Windows 10 (also present on this 
computer) works fine.What does happen when you start your Debian without the 
"quiet splash"boot option and shut it down with "sudo shutdown -h 

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