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>Pirate Praveen wrote:
>> On Wed, Oct 2, 2019 at 23:23, Bernd Zeimetz <be...@bzed.de> wrote:
>>> Hi Lucaus,
>>>> I hope that <http://fasttrack.debian.net/> will make quick
>>>> progress and turn into an official service soon.
>>> basically a good idea, but
>> I'm part of the Fast Track team and I'll try to answer your
>Thanks much for this.  I'm excited to see the idea moving forward.
>>> - what are your requirements for packages that are being uploaded
>> buster-fasttrack suite:
>> If a package cannot be part of a stable release because we cannot
>> security updates for the entire stable lifecylce then that package
>cannot be
>> in testing or backports. Those packages get security updates along
>with new
>> upstream versions and such software can be in FastTrack.
>Does the package need to be in unstable or experimental to be in
>fasttrack?  Or can I upload a package to fasttrack without being in
>Debian at all?
>(Asking in order to better understand how this works.  My first guess
>would have been "has to be in unstable or experimental".  Looking at
>the mailing list post you linked to, it's "has to be in unstable",
>which seems reasonable enough, I suppose.)

In general, the package has to be in unstable, we allow packages from 
experimental as exceptions, when a new version cannot be in unstable because it 
is blocked by transitions or freeze. We also allow packages in fast track 
temporarily when packages need to clear backports-new (usually when a package 
in fast track has a security release and we want to push it to users as soon as 

>> We have not really thought about removals yet (probably we have not
>> that stage yet as we only have one package there ie, gitlab and it is
>> maintained well.). But we could follow the same rules as testing and
>> backports (except for the meta rc bug that is present only to prevent
>> testing migration).
>Who should I contact if I need to remove a package?  E.g. is there a
>request tracker queue or debbugs virtual package for this?

We use salsa issues as mentioned in the website.

https://salsa.debian.org/fasttrack-team/support/issues We have not been 
monitoring it closely, but we should start monitoring it closely now as I can 
see a new issue for virtual box there.

>What are the criteria for being able to upload?  Is there a keyring
>for developers who can upload to fasttrack?

For now, its fast track team members who can upload. We can give other DDs 
upload access on request. Use the issue tracker.

>Where should users report bugs?  (My preference would be "all packages
>in fasttrack are uploaded by members of the packaging team for the
>corresponding package in unstable, and bug reports are accepted in the
>ordinary bug tracking system".)

I prefer that too. It is up to each maintainer how they want it.

>What user-facing recommendations are provided?  If a user wants to
>stop using fasttrack, can they upgrade to unstable and remove
>fasttrack from sources.list? 

It is untested, again up to each maintainer. For gitlab, I have to use 
experimental as many dependency updates are blocked by pending transitions.

> Can packages in fasttrack depend on
>other packages in fasttrack, or only on packages in stable +

It can depend on other packages in fast track.

>Is there a mailing list for day-to-day discussion?

We use irc/matrix group for this, but if a mailing list is preferred, we could 
probably create one.

#debian-fasttrack on oftc is used. It is bridged to Matrix group  

>> Secutity issues are fixed by uploading new upstream releases.
>What architectures are supported?  Are there autobuilders available?

It is on our to do list. Currently amd64 and binary uploads only. More could be 
added if there is interest.

>Is there a way to build releases with an embargoed security fix in
>secret?  (It's fine if the answer is "no".)  Is there a way to upload
>binary packages to avoid waiting for autobuilders to act on a security

For now its binary included upload only.

> Is there an announcement list for uploads addressing
>security issues?

Not yet. We could start one. For now gitlab new releases are announced via 


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