What is the best approach for d/changelog when releasing a package to unstable 
after it has been through a few iterations to experimental ?

It would seem that the right thing to do is to keep all experimental changelog 
entries, and add a new one for unstable.

But sometimes experimental uploads are, well ... experimental, there may be 
changes that cancel out (I tried this but it did not work, then I tried that 
So another way is to consolidate all experimental changelog entries into the 
unstable one, tidying it up.
Also as most people never see the experimental releases, they only care for 
what's new since the last release to unstable / stable.

On this topic I found nothing definitive in policy:
except footnote 3 which does not really discuss experimental.

On debian-devel I found this old thread:
where different opinions are voiced.

What the best approach ?


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