Hello Jelmer,

Thank you for working on lintian-brush and janitor.debian.net.  Looks
like it's going to save people a lot of time, especially for teams with
lots and lots of packages.

On behalf of the Policy team, I wanted to ask about the bot's attempts
to respond to the out-of-date-standards-version Lintian tag.  Presumably
the bot isn't actually smart enough to read the Policy upgrading
checklist and actually check that a package satisfies all the points of
the new Standards-Version, so I guess that whenever the bot proposes
bumping the Standards-Version field, the human reviewing the change has
to go through the upgrading checklist and check that all the points are

However, the FAQ for the bot[1] says that "At the moment, the Janitor's
merge proposal are still triggered by a human (after manual review)."

Should this be read as saying that once the bot has seen more testing,
you plan to stop manually reviewing its merge proposals, and just let it
go ahead and submit them?  Or will they always be manually reviewed?

If the former, I wonder if the bot should stop trying to respond to the
out-of-date-standards-version Lintian tag.  I am concerned that
maintainers receiving the MRs might assume that they don't need to look
at the upgrading checklist in order to know that the change to
Standards-Version is correct, and just go ahead and merge it.  But
bumping Standards-Version without any human looking at the upgrading
checklist effectively renders the Standards-Version field pointless.

Essentially, it seems to me that the out-of-date-standards-version tag
is different from the other Lintian tags which janitor.debian.net is
trying to fix, in that you can't see that a change in response to the
tag was correct just by looking at the diff.

Thanks again!

[1]  https://janitor.debian.net/lintian-fixes/

Sean Whitton

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