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> On Fri, Aug 04, 2017 at 01:06:40PM +0200, Joost van Baal-Ilić wrote:
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> > FYI: I just submitted this proposal for a BoF at DebConf17, after an
> > inspirational discussion with W. Martin "debacle" Borgert:
> > 
> >  We'll be discussing the state of Debian's Documentation, what we would
> >  like it to be (the Arch wiki?), and how to get there.  keywords: The
> >  Debian Wiki, Installation Manual, Release Notes, The Debian GNU/Linux FAQ,
> >  The Debian Documentation Project, CVS vs SVN vs git, Debian SGML vs
> >  Markdown and ReST, ....
> it's gonna happen tomorrow, sunday 6th, starting at 15:30 in room
> "potato".

The talk was announced at https://debconf17.debconf.org/talks/213/ .

The BoF was not video-d; there was some traffic on irc.debian.org
#debconf17-potato.  IIRC there were about 7 people attending.  The BoF was
scheduled to last 45 minutes, we took 55.  I'm very happy with the discussion
which took place.

Here's the "slides", and, more importantly, some notes/conclusions reached.


          Debian Documentation BoF


        you and Joost van Baal-Ilić
    Tilburg University, The Netherlands


      DebConf17, Montréal, august 2017


Working on Debian Documentation since
around the "sarge" release (at about 2007),
Debian GNU/Linux FAQ and other documents
(and doing other Debian stuff).


Who has ever edited a wiki?
Who has ever worked with git and/or
Who has commit rights on a Debian vc
 repository (e.g. alioth.debian.org)?

[majority replied "yes" on all 3 questions]

Debian Documentation BoF

We’ll be discussing the state of Debian’s
Documentation, what we would like it to be,
and how to get there.

Which problem we have now is big and
urgent?  What should we start working on?

The current state
What do we have now?

 Release Notes,
 Installation Manual,
 Debian Reference,
 Debian Administrator's Handbook,
 Debian GNU/Linux FAQ,
 Debian Project History,
 Securing Debian Manual,
 doc-debian (Social Contract, DFSG,
   Constitution, BTS interface),
 (and the Debian Wiki and lots of other
   stuff too)

(current state...)

... maintained by

 The Debian Documentation Project and others


 git (and SVN (and CVS...))

to manage

 DocBook XML, Debian SGML, asciidoc
 (webml, Markdown, ReST, ...)

(current state...)

... published at

 deb http://deb.debian.org/debian stable main,

more information, contact

See https://www.debian.org/doc/ and
https://www.debian.org/doc/ddp for more


irc: irc.debian.org #debian-doc

Notes taken during the discussion

- https://bugs.debian.org/870820
- wiki with git backend / possible to have
   local copy
- wiki janitor (www.debian.org janitor?)
- automagically tag wiki-pages as obsolete
   (e.g. after release?)
- faq should not be typesetted at webserver;
   website should use .deb of faq
- at the wiki tag (parts of) pages as e.g.
   only relevant to a specific architecture
- make it possible to contact editors of wiki
   pages. currently e-mail address is hidden
   for other editors.  even if you have
   someone's wiki login, you still don't have
   their e-mail address.  personal wikipage
   for each wiki account?  at account
   creation time?
- contact teams in debian about the quality
   of "their" wiki pages
- nice thing about wiki janitor job is: you
   don't need to be experienced software
   developer. nice entry-level job



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