Hello Guillem,
On Fri, Feb 09, 2018 at 03:31:00AM +0100, Guillem Jover wrote:
> On Sat, 2018-02-03 at 19:11:42 +0100, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> > are you (when?) switching over to salsa?
> I'm still not sure yet. I started a wiki page with some of my concerns
> at <https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/AliothEscape>, I should update
> it because some things have been fixed meanwhile.

Thanks for the pointer. Regarding the hosting site I'm neutral, as
long as I can git push/pull from/to it.

> > Are you reestablishing commit access as it is currently?
> This is also something I'm not entirely sure about. One problem I've
> had in the past is when preparing releases, if someone pushes then it
> invalidates the current release process, which is annoying. Also

If there is any indicator I should not push, please let me know. I
hope I did not cause any of those disturbances in the past. I stuck to
to the rules as best of my abilities.

> something I think I agree with the APT team, which they kind of
> decided as policy recently with the switch to salsa is that if the
> committers are not following very closely the project (so both mailing
> lists and IRC), it makes it more difficult to coordinate or be on top
> of what's going on.

I'm reading the mailing list, but I'm not on IRC, so if most important
infos go via the list, then I'm covered.[1]

> What I've been pondering about is whether switching to a merge-request
> based workflow for translations, or perhaps even a switch to weblate
> might work better for everyone?

I would like to stick as closely to the current workflow, as it
provides the lowest barrier. I can use git, vim, diff and friends to
easily work on the translation. Also I have the original files there
as necessary, I'm able to immediatly build everything (to view the
output) and, last but not least, fix obvious errors without disturbing
you (I did so a few times in the past, sometimes even for other

I'm not intending to switch to a mouse based / graphical / web based
work flow, at least for projects I'm havily working on. 

Thanks for taking care.



[1] I'm not interested in detailed design discussions, so if those
    happen on IRC, I'm perfectly fine.
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