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our wiki has got some instructions at

(thanks, Nigel, for your confirmation). The howto leave some questions 
to me:

At some point, a combo server is mentioned to be apt for diskless 
clients. According to (7.), those are connected to eth0 ( 

- If we install LTSP/Diskless client server on a different machine, we
obviously need to configure DHCP servers on _two_ machines. Is this a 
real problem?

- Within the backbone net, now our diskless client server's DHCP 
competes with tjener. But diskless clients will request for PXE/tftp 
while normal workstations just go for DHCP. Is this distinction enough 
to serve both type of clients on the backbone? Or is it compulsary to 
make both servers ignore unknown MAC addresses?

Thank you for this clarification.

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