some features recently added to ltsp in experimental, which have some
potential to backport (in varying capacities) to ltsp in lenny, though
probably not really candidates for freeze exceptions. 

we could possibly ship backported ltsp packages, though some of the
features could just be worked around by hooking into other packages.

  ltsp-client: Generate unique hostname when reverse DNS lookup fail:

very easy to just hook into initramfs-tools by dropping a file into

  Does ltsp-client-core work with tftp too?

would have to backport this feature, if really needed.

  the progressbar on ltsp-client-builder has more than two steps, so it
  doesn't immediately jump to 50% and then appear to hang...

this would have to be backported into a package, or at least a replacement
.udeb and just drop a hook into ltsp-server's directory structure.

live well,

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