Using ldapvi and editing the changes in ldap i get this message when
trying to update the modify changes:

ldap_modify: Confidentiality required (13)
         additional info: confidentiality required for update
Error at:

As I understand it, root has no privilege to change ldap. I can specify
what user to use with "--bind-dialog", but what user is used to do this?

Den 13.09.2016 23.02, skrev Wolfgang Schweer:
On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 01:35:44PM +0200, Helge Tore Høyland wrote:
I have built the amd64 ltsp root, i have run "ltsp-update-kernels", changed
the export to /opt/ltsp/amd64", and changed the /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf from
containing i386 to amd64.
While /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf is the right file to edit in case of a stock
Debian installation, it's without any effect in the Debian Edu case. The
DHCP service is configured in LDAP and you need to use an LDAP editor
like ldapvi to adjust the settings.


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