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On  Fr 06 Apr 2018 15:33:23 CEST, Holger Levsen wrote:


still I would really really prefer not to get cc:ed when mailing
debian-edu bugs. Maybe one day...

On Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 12:01:51PM +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> - how much RAM does the feature need to be useful?
it should only get into action on machines with 2GB+. Good point. Noted for
the upstream part.

eeks, so this is also an important bug, maybe even serious, but i'm too
lazy to also file this one as...

Fixed in 0.0.4-1.

> - is there any randomisation or will all classroom computers torture the
>   server and network at the same time?
The randomisation currently is only in the WoL part of Debian Edu. Right.
Noted for upstream, too.

this should also be filed as a bug and fixed before enabling by default.

Fixed in 0.0.4-1.

> - has this been tested with other desktops than MATE?
Yes. XFCE. We can do more tests, of course. The more consumptive the desktop
env the more worth a test case. Noted.

yes, please test at least KDE and Gnome as well. (third bug, untested on

Still pending. Tests follow over the weekend.

> As it only gets active before 7:30 AM I assume its safe to turn on the
> computer at other times? And it's "after midnight but before 7:30 AM
> localtime" I assume?
We assume, that noone is around at schools betweek 0:00h 7:30h, indeed.

Debian Edu is also targeting universities...

And they appear even later on campus, at least here in Kiel.

it is, of course, localtime. And: cron.d files are editable.

everything is editable. We *need* sensible default. (This seems to be

We have sensible defaults now, I think.

> > This mainly means:
> >   - only execute on LTSP fat clients
> ack
> >   - add some .desktop file symlinks to /etc/desktop-autoloader/autostart
> why?
To pre-load heavy-load-regular-used applications (e.g. firefox, libreoffice)

so without those .desktop files it would still to part of its job?

It would load the desktop env that x-session-manager points at.

> Also: how to disable this feature? This *must* be described in the
> manuel.
Good point. There will be a patch upstream for that, too.

no, this is not what I ment: it must be described in our Debian Edu manual (
and upstream as well, I agree.)

The desktop-autoloader now come in disabled state by default. It needs to be enabled in /etc/defaults/desktop-autoloader.

Thanks for thinking about this,

well, you are welcome, but I also expect more thoughts before suggesting
enabling some new feature by default...




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