Control: retitle -1 autoconf: AC_SEARCH_LIBS for __atomic_foo fails with 
AC_LANG([C++]) and g++-8

On Thu, 17 Jan 2019 at 11:00:40 -0500, Nick Bowler wrote:
> I'm not familiar with the library in question but the problem
> appears to be specific to these __atomic_xyz builtins which seem
> to get special treatment in g++.  Other builtins I tested do not
> exhibit such failures.

Retitling to reflect the scope of the bug.*__atomic says this
potentially affects:

* squid (#907106, which was already successfully worked around)

* users of openvswitch's OVS_CHECK_ATOMIC_LIBS (seems to be just
  openvswitch itself, which isn't C++ so isn't a problem)

* gnutls28 (isn't C++ so isn't a problem)

* users of gcc-7's phobos libraries.m4

That seems relatively infrequent, so perhaps this bug doesn't need to
be treated as release-critical?

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