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On 11.03.19 17:34, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Package: src:gcc-8-cross
> Version: 26
> Tags: ftbfs
> Hello Matthias.
> I have been unable to build this package for the last 12 months:

> The only unusual thing is that I'm using a single-CPU virtual machine
> for the build, not a desktop computer, but I fail to see why that
> would make any difference, as the only processor-related thing
> I found is this in debian/rules:
> # Support parallel=<n> in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS (see #209008)
> ifneq (,$(filter parallel=%,$(subst $(,), ,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS))))
>   NJOBS := -j $(subst parallel=,,$(filter parallel=%,$(subst 
> $(,),$(space),$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS))))
> endif
> which I believe is pretty standard and should not affect the end result.
> So: What could be the reason for the failure? A bug in one of the Makefiles?

I have no clue, I have never seen that before, and it seems to work fine on the
buildds, and in the cross-toolchain-base* package's autopkg test.  Starting here
a build with -j1 to see if it's reproducible.

Is this seen with gcc-7-cross and gcc-9-cross as well?

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