Package: gfortran-10
Version: 10.1.0-3
Control: forwarded -1

Dear maintainers,

copying for your

With gcc 9 and 10, compiling the attached file with coverage info raises
an internal error:

$ gfortran-10 -c --coverage funit-bug.f90
during IPA pass: profile

    8 |    use foo
internal compiler error: in coverage_begin_function, at coverage.c:656
0x7f6c0275ae0a __libc_start_main
$ gfortran-10 --version
GNU Fortran (Debian 10.1.0-3) 10.1.0
$ gfortran-9 --version
GNU Fortran (Debian 9.3.0-14) 9.3.0

This does not happen with gfortran-8, so it is a regression:

$ gfortran-8 -c --coverage funit-bug.f90
$ gfortran-8 --version
GNU Fortran (Debian 8.4.0-4) 8.4.0

System is Debian 11 testing.
The attached file is derived from a pFUnit generated file where this was
originally observed <>.
module foo
    subroutine sbr()
    end subroutine sbr
end module foo

function foo_suite() result(suite)
   use foo
   integer :: bar
   integer :: res
   res = bar(sbr)
end function foo_suite

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