Control: retitle -1 libgcc1: Can switch to use new Allow-Internal-Symbol-Groups 
for aeabi symbols

On Wed, 2014-01-15 at 20:49:30 +0100, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Package: libgcc1
> Version: 1:4.8.2-13
> Severity: wishlist
> With dpkg-dev 1.17.6, there's a new symbols file field named
> Ignore-Blacklist-Groups that can be used by the toolchain packages to
> ignore the entire blacklist group for the aeabi symbols, which are now
> blacklisted by regex instead of by an explicit list. This means that
> dpkg-dev will automatically blacklist new introduced symbols w/o
> having them leak into other package symbol files or having them FTBFS,
> and needing to add them manually to dpkg-dev and libgcc1.symbols.aeabi.
> But to make gcc unconditionally include unknown aeabi symbols the
> ignore-blacklist tag is not enough, instead the new field can be used
> which disables the entire regex for that group. Adding something like:
> ,---
> * Ignore-Blacklist-Groups: aeabi
> `---
> at the top of libgcc1.symbols.aeabi should do the trick. You can then
> remove the ignore-blacklist tag if you want, or I guess you could keep
> it to avoid having to Build-Depend on a newer dpkg-dev.

I've deprecated the Ignore-Blacklist-Groups in dpkg 1.20.1, and
Allow-Internal-Symbol-Groups should be used instead.


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