On 10/05/2016 09:14 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> On 09/07/2016 10:33 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> Thanks to the lovely mess created by the MySQL/MariaDB maintainers,
>> MySQL support has been removed from GDAL & GRASS.
>> If there is sufficient user demand, I may be persuaded to reinstate it
>> at a later time after the MySQL/MariaDB maintainers have fixed their
>> packages on all release architectures.
> The mariadb-10.0 packages now builds successfully on mips64el thanks to
> patches from James Cowgill, one of the MIPS porters, in #838557. It does
> still FTBFS on most ports which will make gdal & grass unbuildable there
> when the default-mysqlclient-dev dependency is added, this is
> regrettable but not a blocker.

mariadb-10.0 (10.0.27-2) which fixed support for mips64el migrated to
testing today. Now the default-libmysqlclient-dev packages are available
on all release architectures in testing.

I've reinstated the MySQL/MariaDB support in GDAL & GRASS and uploaded
them to unstable. To fix the postgis issue on arm64 with gdal and the
recently updated libcrypto++ gdal needed to be rebuilt (on arm64 at
least) anyway, so now is not a bad time for new uploads in the hope that
the upcoming MariaDB 10.2 doesn't break the gdal & grass packages again.

> The MariaDB maintainers have notified the Release Team that MariaDB 10.2
> is now in beta and about to be released in December, and have indicated
> that the default-mysql* metapackages will be switched to the 10.2
> packages when they're uploaded to unstable in December. See:
>  https://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2016/10/msg00065.html
> They have not answered the question from the Release Team about what
> that means for the client library. This makes me hesitant to reinstate
> the MySQL/MariaDB support in GDAL & GRASS already, as it may break with
> 10.2. There has also been no user demand expressed for the MySQL/MariaDB
> support other than by Paul Norman. I will therefore leave out the
> MySQL/MariaDB support for the time being, at least until more details
> about MariaDB 10.2 are known. If MariaDB 10.2 arrives late in December
> (when the mandatory 10-day migrations are in effect), it may be too late
> to get the updated gdal & grass packages into stretch.
> We will likely not have MySQL/MariaDB support for GDAL & GRASS in
> stretch, if it turns out that stable users do have demand for that
> support but only express it after the release, we can reinstate it for
> buster (the stable release after stretch).

Unless MariaDB 10.2 breaks the gdal & grass packages again,
MySQL/MariaDB support will be available for GDAL & GRASS in stretch. If
10.2 breaks it again, I'll remove the support again and leave it out.

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