Hi m68k and hurd porters,

Thread Local Storage (TLS) support has been added to the toolchain (binutils, gcc, glibc) some times ago. Currently about half of the architectures have full TLS support (ie binutils + gcc + glibc).

If we count the glibc in experimental all the architectures but the following have TLS support:
- hppa
  It has TLS support in upstream binutils, in gcc 4.1, and there are
  patches available for glibc, they seems to work. Some people are still
  working on this. I will send a separate mail for that.

- m68k
  AFAIK, there is no TLS support in binutils, gcc and glibc.

- hurd-i386
  It has TLS support in binutils, gcc, and glibc, but it is currently
  disabled in glibc (if I remember correctly, it is due to kernel
  freeze with TLS activated).

Until now (and for Etch), it was not really a problem for an architecture to not have TLS support. However TLS is starting to be used in some packages. This include for example glibc 2.4 (but we have patches to workaround that), or recent versions of libselinux, so as you can see core packages.

In short TLS support will probably be unavoidable and a requirement for etch + 1. I think it is time for you porters (mainly for m68k and hurd-i386) to start working on TLS support so that it will be ready for etch + 1.

For m68k, it seems nobody has stepped up as a glibc maintainer [1], which results in an unbuildable glibc 2.4 on m68K. Thanks to Ingo Juergensmann, I have access to a m68k machine, and I have started to fix the problems. But I don't have the time nor the envy to work on TLS support. So please work on that.


[1] http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-hppa%40lists.debian.org/msg05063.html

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