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> >Judged that ":" is the field separator in /etc/group, and that
> >/etc/group might change its format to include more fields, and that a
> >colon is not a valid character in a user name (it would wreck havoc in
> >/etc/passwd), I would expect that perl would consider the ":" a
> >delimiter here and not return it as part of the group name.
> perl doesn't parse /etc/group directly, it just calls libc's getgrname,
> which returns a list as gr_mem (the last entry of which has a trailing
> colon in this case).

There is specified behaviour on invalid passwd files, so whatever glibc
does here is within the specs. The function could also segfault at that
point. This could maybe reported to the upstream but they'll probably
think the same way.

Helmut Grohne

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