reassign 331405 libpam-ldap
tags 331405 patch

> It would be libpam-ldap which suggests libnss-ldap in my case. But
> running apt-rdepends and analyzing it's output suggests that there are
> 35 packages which depends on nscd in etch today. That's depends as in
> any of the relationships that drags a package along, either directly or
> as a consequence of a second or higer order dependency.

The package description of nscd clearly states when nscd should be
installed. A "wrong" dependency on nscd is no bug with nscd, but with
the software depending on it. Most packages seem to have changed their
behaviour since there are only 5 packages in apt-cache rdepends nscd of
which at least one is a conflict. So maybe libpam-ldap could suggest
nscd instead of recommending it. Otherwise this bug should be tagged

Helmut Grohne

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