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> hi,


> some time ago i wrote C++ code to save backtrace in a vector of strings. 
> it worked fine until one of system updates (~month ago), when it 
> suddenly started to show too short listening(s). i've tried example from 
> manual (man backtrace) to verify this, and it does not work properly 
> too. example output is:
> $ gcc -Wall -g3 -rdynamic main.c && ./a.out 10
> backtrace() returned 4 addresses
> ./a.out(_Z7myfunc3v+0x1c) [0x400b28]
> ./a.out [0x400ba9]
> ./a.out(_Z6myfunci+0x23) [0x400bce]
> ./a.out(_Z6myfunci+0x1c) [0x400bc7]
> where there should be >10 calls on stack. raising number given as an 
> argument does not change output.

What are the missing entries you expect?

> do you know what can be the reason for problems with backtrace? it looks 
> like glibc problem, since before system upgrade (~month ago, but i may 
> not be very accurate here) everything worked as a charm.

Have you tried to install libc6-dbg and libstdc++6-4.3-dbg?

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