Dave Serls a écrit :
> Generates many messages of the form:
> ypserv[1349]: refused connect from to procedure
> ypproc_match
> (dashs.denver.co.us,passwd.adjunct.byname;-1)

I guess it is on the server right? This mesages is there, as it refuses
to serve a passwd.adjunct.byname to a non-priviledged user (coming from
a port >= 1024).

> which appear to be provoked by some NSS call from 'wget'.
> This was never the case with previous libnss_nis.so
> I've narrowed down the source of the NIS ypmatch call to a
> invocation of the getpwuid() primitive in perl 5.10.0.

That's strange, because with the patch to fix the NIS shadow leak,
passwd.adjunct.byname calls have been removed for normal calls, and are
now only done when querying shadow entries.

Have you tried to reproduce the bug by running a simple C code calling

Also, can you please share the contents of your /etc/nsswitch.conf?

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