Package: src:eglibc
Version: 2.13-27
Severity: normal
Tags: upstream
Blocks: 667005

gcc-4.7 and binutils (2.22) already provide support for the x32 abi. The
missing piece to producing x32 binaries is a c library. Patches are
available at git:// An aspect that makes
supporting x32 more difficult is that glibc is currently compiled using
gcc-4.4 whereas the x32 abi requires at least gcc-4.7. Switching
compiler version is not a lightly taken decision and especially not this
late in the freeze process. I estimate the diff between 2.13 and
2.13+x32 to be around 202 files changed, 3967 insertions, 218 deletions,
and 568 modifications.

Due to the ongoing multiarch transition another question should be
asked: Should the new package be libc6-x32:amd64 or libc6:x32?


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