Package: src:eglibc
Version: 2.18-4
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch

The eglibc package currently lacks a stage2 build profile entirely. A
stage2 is needed though, because libselinux cannot be built without an
actual libc among other things and eglibc explicitly enabled selinux via
a configure flag. The attached patch removes that flag when the package
is built with dpkg-buildpackage -Pstage2.

Note that I did not convert the stage1 code to comply with the build
profile spec. Thus eglibc now evaluates DEB_STAGE or DEB_BUILD_PROFILE
(singular) for stage1 and DEB_BUILD_PROFILES (plural, in accordance with
build profile spec) for stage2.

Not all architectures successfully build a stage2 with this patch, but
arm64, armel, armhf and m68k do.

diff -Nru eglibc-2.18/debian/sysdeps/ eglibc-2.18/debian/sysdeps/
--- eglibc-2.18/debian/sysdeps/
+++ eglibc-2.18/debian/sysdeps/
@@ -12,7 +12,11 @@
 ifeq ($(DEB_BUILD_PROFILE),bootstrap)
   libc_extra_config_options = $(extra_config_options)
-  libc_extra_config_options = --with-selinux $(extra_config_options)
+  ifneq ($(filter stage2,$(DEB_BUILD_PROFILES)),)
+    libc_extra_config_options = $(extra_config_options)
+  else 
+    libc_extra_config_options = --with-selinux $(extra_config_options)
+  endif

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