Source: glibc
Version: 2.21-0experimental1
Tags: patch
Usertags: rebootstrap

Hi Aurelien,

thank you very much for applying #766877 and uploading to experimental.
This has moved us a big step closer to a working stage1. We are not
quite there yet. At this point I estimate a remaining patch stack for
the following problems:

 * stage1 fails to build for various reasons
 * stage1 libc6-dev not installable due to dependency on libc6
 * wrong set of packages being built for stage1
 * dh_shlibdeps fails
 * linux headers cannot be found
 * various hurd things

Even though I still carry patches for these, it is not clear that all of
these problems are still reproducible. The above list is meant as an
outlook, not a cumulative bug report.

This particular bug shall address only the first of those problems
above, because I have a good understanding and can answer your
questions. I am attaching a patch and also explain the individual hunks
in what follows. All of them apply to stage1-specific code.

-         *:/lib32 | *:/lib64 | *:/libx32 | *:/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi*) \
+         *:/lib32 | *:/lib64 | *:/libo32 | *:/libx32 | 
*:/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi*) \

The code fails to identify a certain mips architecture multilib build
and thus places the multilib build into the main package.

+         *:* ) \
+           templates="" \
+           ;; \

This extra case ensures that no templates are interpolated for optimized
builds (e.g. libc6-i686). These do not generate development packages
anyway, so dropping them (for stage1) is the right thing to do. Failing
to do so again overwrites the main package.

-               -e "/$$libdir.*.a /d" \
+               -e "/LIBDIR.*\.a /d" \

The immediate error resulting from this sed invocation is that the
command "u" is not understood by sed. $libdir becomes
"/usr/lib/triplet".  Thus the resulting sed command starts with "//u"
which sed does not like. Fixing the escaping is not enough however,
since LIBDIR is not yet interpolated. That only happens a few lines
later. So instead, the match needs to target non-interpolated filenames
and thus match LIBDIR.

I hope that the level of detail given is sufficient. If not, please ask.
Otherwise, please consider applying the patch. I would appreciate
another experimental upload that also includes the hurd changes staged
to SVN by Samuel Thibault already within a month from now. Thank you for
your support.

diff -Nru glibc-2.19/debian/rules.d/ glibc-2.19/debian/rules.d/
--- glibc-2.19/debian/rules.d/
+++ glibc-2.19/debian/rules.d/
@@ -197,10 +197,13 @@
 	case "$$curpass:$$slibdir" in \
 	  libc:*) \
 	    ;; \
-	  *:/lib32 | *:/lib64 | *:/libx32 | *:/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi*) \
+	  *:/lib32 | *:/lib64 | *:/libo32 | *:/libx32 | *:/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi*) \
 	    pass="-alt" \
 	    suffix="-$(curpass)" \
 	    ;; \
+	  *:* ) \
+           templates="" \
+	    ;; \
 	esac ; \
 	for t in $$templates ; do \
 	  for s in debian/$$t$$pass.* ; do \
@@ -219,7 +219,7 @@
 	      cp $$s $$t ; \
 	    fi ; \
 	    sed -i \
-		-e "/$$libdir.*.a /d" \
+		-e "/LIBDIR.*\.a /d" \
 		-e "s#TMPDIR#debian/tmp-$$curpass#g" \
 		-e "s#RTLDDIR#$$rtlddir#g" \
 		-e "s#SLIBDIR#$$slibdir#g" \

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