On 2018-11-15 06:35, Andrej Shadura wrote:
> Package: libc-bin
> Version: 2.27-8
> Severity: normal
> According to the current code of ldconfig and ld, there's subtle
> difference in parsing of /etc/ld.so.conf by these two tools:
> * ldconfig interprets relative paths in includes relatively to the
>   current directory it run in, and absolute path relatively to the
>   current "chroot" directory, if set
> * ld interprets relative paths in includes relatively to the directory
>   the parsed file is in, and apparently ignores the --sysroot setting
>   for absolute paths and does not relativise them to this sysroot.

Given you reported the bug only to the glibc side, does it mean you
would like the glibc behaviour to be changed, and the binutils one to be
kept unchanged? We definitely want ldconfig to interpret paths relative
to the "chroot" directory (-r option), this is important to initialize a
cache without having to first chroot into the directory.

> dpkg-shlibdeps follows ldconfig, but always takes absolute paths
> relatively to the absolute root.
> Also, ldconfig's manpage doesn't mention include directive at all

The manpage is provided by the manpages package and not by glibc.


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