Peter Silva writes ("Re: Bug#877900: How to get 24-hour time on en_US.UTF-8 
locale now?"):
> iso_en ?  That sounds smart...
> English for most of the world that aren't necessarily native English speakers?
> Use ISO dates and stuff, and pick a random spelling. As a Canadian, I'm pretty
> sure about colour, but unclear about whether we should standardize on disc.
> Dates should be iso, even better if it used UTC as the timezone.   This would
> be a default that would include US keyboard bindings (by default.)
> as the easiest thing to default to during installation, etc.. but perhaps I
> should be disqualified, being both a unix greybeard, and a recovering ntp
> admin.

I don't see that this exists as a locale already.  It is probably too
late for buster to introduce it.

Realistically our sensible choices for the default are
  One of en_{AU,GB,NZ}.UTF-8

All of these would be better than en_US.UTF-8 for the reasons given
by Adam (although, Adam, really, could you try to be a little less

The middle-endian dates and 12-hour clock are particularly poor


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