On 2019-02-13 11:41, Charlemagne Lasse wrote:
> Package: locales-all
> Version: 2.28-6
> Severity: normal
> X-Debbugs-CC: debian-qt-...@lists.debian.org, 
> debian-tex-ma...@lists.debian.org
> It is possible under KDE to change the locale to en_DE.UTF-8/German
> for some specific parts (e.g. time) but it seems to be missing on the
> system even when locales-all is installed.

The en_DE locale doesn't exit in Debian, nor in upstream GNU libc. It's
not going to happen, the en_DK locale exists, but it has been
acknowledged that it was a mistake to create it.

In that precise case, I am not even sure what en_DE means for LC_TIME.
It is supposed to be the way to write the time in English in Germany?
Should it be in the form day/month/year or month/day/year? 12h format
or 24h format?

The locale system has been defined so that you can choose the locale for
a single category. That way you can choose if you want to display the
time in English with the Australian or New-Zeland convention, while
using a different convention for collation or monetary.

> This breaks various things - here for example when I install
> tex-common (via texlive package) and have LC_TIME set to en_DE.UTF-8:

In general KDE should not offer to configure a locale that is not
available on the system. That just creates issues like this one. In
addition the list of available locales can evolve.

I am therefore just tempted to reassign the bug to KDE.


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