On 3/26/2019 3:20 PM, Christoph Berg wrote:
> We were thinking about doing something like that, but that doesn't
> work for the general case - most libc upgrades do not break
> everything, and reindexing would be overkill. It might help for the
> 2.28 upgrade, but getting this to work consistently would require lots
> of scripting with lots of cornercases to cover. I don't think it is
> possible to get this working reliably now, especially as we would need
> to push that "fix" into stretch-proposed-updates as well. (Because
> libc6 will likely be upgraded first, before the new postgresql-common
> version could take action.)

Technically the latter could be solved by libc6 in testing adding a
breaks on postgresql-common. As neither postgresql-common nor
postgresql-client-common seem to depend on libc6 at all, it doesn't
immediately seem crazy to me to do that.

But I don't dispute that the complexity could be high to do this
properly. It's unfortunate that this came up that late, given that it
was already a problem for users of testing.

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Philipp Kern

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