On 2019-07-21 17:11, Marc Haber wrote:
> Package: locales
> Version: 2.28-10
> Severity: minor
> Hi,
> reconfiguring the locales package updates the file
> /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive.

This is indeed where the libc looks for the compiled locales.

> I am not sure whether this is allowed by policy, hence severity: minor.

I do not find anything that prevents that in the policy. In addition
many other packages are also writing files to /usr when they are
configured (for example __pycache__ files or the various kernel
modules.* files used by depmod, udev hwdb.bin, etc.).

> Maybe this file would better be in /var.

/var is for files whose content is expected to continually change during
normal operation of the system. This is not the case of the
locale-archive file which doesn't change until the next reconfiguration
of the package. As such it doesn't prevent for example mounting the / or
/usr partition read-only once apt or dpkg have finished their work.

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