On 2019-08-03 12:54, Ryan Goodfellow wrote:
> Package: libc6-dev
> Version: 2.28-10
> There is currently a mismatch between libc6 on Debian stable and the
> underlying kernel with respect to XDP. The kernel has support for XDP
> sockets, but the libc6 library does not have the associated macro
> AF_XDP, to specify the address family.
> The addition of the AF_XDP macro to glibc is here:
> https://sourceware.org/git/?p=glibc.git;a=commitdiff;h=38b0593e9a862c3b35392a0f5b202696b8116aa3;hp=5cd7dbdea13eb302620491ef44837b17e9d39c5a
> So it would seem that this does not show up until glibc version 2.29.
> However, since the Debian stable kernel has this functionality,
> perhaps this is worth patching in?

It's probably possible to get this change in Debian stable, however the
final decision will be taken by the release team. In any case this
change has to go first into testing (probably through the upload of
glibc 2.29) before we can consider backporting it to stable.

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