* Pavel Matěja:

> The strange means they appear only on 2 servers out of 6.
> Servers with Xeon E5606 and Pentium G6950 were running fine while Xeon 
> E3-1220 v6 produced crashes.
> It did not matter if the host Debian was Stretch or Buster.

Do you see crashes on stretch as well?  What does the backtrace look
like there?

> SSLv3 and TLS code path looked quite distinct to cause the same problem.
> Based on info that SEGFAULTs are related to memory allocation in new 
> libc and CPU performance I found
> where Wilco Dijkstra discuss some problems with tcache which "leads to 
> various crashes in benchtests"

I was under the impression that this problem only occurs if one of the
tunables has an out-of-bounds value.  Do you set any tunables?

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