On 27.09.19 22:30, Florian Weimer wrote:

> Ugh, can you describe exactly what is missing?  Then I can file it
> here (or just submit a patch):

If you compile a service description for the server side, e.g.

    rpcgen -m /usr/include/rpcsvc/mount.x

you get the dispatch function that takes an incoming request and calls
the appropriate server function. For single-service programs, you would
normally generate the main function as well, using

    rpcgen -s tcp /usr/include/rpcsvc/mount.x

This way, the dispatch function is adequately registered. If you need to
provide your own main function (i.e. the RPC service is part of a larger
program), you need to call svc_register yourself, so you need a
declaration of this function, for the mount service that would be

    void mountprog_1(struct svc_req *rqstp, register SVCXPRT *transp);

That function is absent from the header generated using

    rpcgen -h /usr/include/rpcsvc/mount.x

If you generate dispatch tables using -T, the table is declared in the
header, so I'd also expect the dispatch function to be declared.


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