Reassign: localechooser


Andreas Noteng, le sam. 02 nov. 2019 20:46:12 +0100, a ecrit:
> Package: locales
> If installing Debian choosing Norwegian Bokmål as your system language
> the other Scandinavian langiages are defined as fallback languages if
> translations are missing:
> LANGUAGE="nb_NO:nb:no_NO:no:nn_NO:nn:da:sv:en"

This is not configured by the locales package, but by the localechooser
package, thus reassigning.

> Allthough very similar the other scandinavian languages are not suited
> as fallbacks for technical texts. I usually have to prepend LANG=C to
> whichever command I am running in these cases in order to understand the
> exact details of the messages. I suggest removing "da" and "sv" from the
> above string. If the same is the case for Norwegian Nynorsk, Swedish and
> Danish I'd suggest doing the same for those languages as well.


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