Florian Weimer wrote on 1/7/2020 9:31 PM:
* Petr Vandrovec:

As far as I can tell, while x86-64 ABI requires stack to be aligned
on entry to the functions, x86 ABI does not have any such
requirement, and so glibc should align stack itself if it wants to
use XMM instructions that require aligned values.

The i386 ABI was changed after its initial release to require
additional stack alignment.

That's a problem.

If you want to build glibc for i386 with SSE2 enabled (for example,
with -march=x86-64), you need to build it with -mrealignstack as well.
I'm not aware of any remaining issues with this combination.

I do not want to rebuild anything, I just want things to work :-( libc6:i386 is built without SSE2 support, and takes precedence over libc6-i386, so that is how I've "solved" problem.

Should be libc6-i386 named (after obsolete/virtual) libc6-i686 if it requires SSE2 and new stack alignment?


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