Hi Miriam,

On 2020-01-11 01:09, Miriam Winterling wrote:
> Hello Bernhard.
> Am Freitag, den 10.01.2020, 20:31 +0100 schrieb Bernhard Übelacker:
> > Hello Miriam,
> > if possible, you could install the additional package
> > systemd-coredump. Then in the output of 'journalctl --no-pager'
> > at the bottom should the known 'segfault at' line appear.
> > This and the following lines at that time would be of interest.
> > 
> I did install systemd-coredump and the result you can see in the attached
> file #948584_systemd_journalctl.txt.
> > This would get better if the additional nfs-common-dbgsym
> > could be installed [1] (from a separate repo).
> > 
> I also installed nfs-common-dbgsym.
> > If additonal to the above steps the package gdb is installed,
> > 'coredumpctl gdb' with the command 'bt full' at the gdb prompt
> > would yield even better information.
> > 
> I tried to do this, too. My result is in #948584_coredumpctl_dbg.txt.
> I'm a complete Newbie in this sector of administrating Linux systems, so
> I hope, that i have made it right, so that the information is sufficient.

Thanks a lot for this backtrace, this helps to locate the issue. It
seems that strcasecmp() is called with the second argument being NULL in
conf_get_tag_list() at at conffile.c:582. This would point to a bug in
the mount.nfs binaries.

However to fully confirm that, would it be possible to rerun the same
procedure after installing the libc6-dbg package? That should give more
details about what happens in strcasecmp().


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