* Aurelien Jarno:

>> I've been running into this myself a lot lately and wonder if
>> anything has happened regarding this since 2014, after all it's
>> been six years.

>> I'm surprised so few people seem to be taking interest in this
>> considering the amount of tools that rely on frame pointers for
>> performant stack traces, which has further increased with the
>> introduction of eBPF.
> I understand the need for -fno-omit-frame-pointer, however it has a
> performance impact, so we do not want to do that by default. OTOH
> providing an alternative libc is something tricky if we do not want it
> to do it without breaking systems. Someone has to come with a patch that
> is well tested.

Most unwinders should be able to use asynchronous unwind tables, which
only impact disk size (and the size of VM mappings).

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