On 3/4/20 9:33 AM, Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Matthias Klose:
>> The __glibc_has_include macro needs to be restored until GCC is rebuilt. At
>> least on s390x, you get a non-wrorking compiler, which at least cannot glibc
>> anymore.  The macro is still referenced in the include-fixed directory.
>> Seen with the 2.31 branch, but I see that this is also backported to 2.30.
> This is a bug in the gcc package.  It must not run fixincludes, to
> avoid producing mutually incompatible headers because only a subset of
> them is rewritten.

Is this something which should be done upstream?  Or just don't include any
fixed header in the GCC packages?

Anyway, either glibc or GCC has to be fixed to avoid a non-working compiler.

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