On 2020-03-11 15:33, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> Package: libc6-dbg
> Version: 2.29-10
> Every other debug symbol package in debian is named $foo-dbgsym.  libc6
> seems to be the exception.

Well libc6-dbg is not a standard dbgsym package:
- It is a dependency for other packages
- It is a build-dependency for other source packages
- It is not an automatic debug package (ie using debhelper) as we need
  to strip libpthread.so and crt*.o differently. This means that the
  resulting package do not have the same properties.

> Can we please rename this package (along with a transitional package to
> help folks upgrade from libc6-dbg) and set up an appropriate Provides:
> at least?

With all the above said, I am not sure it's something we can do. However
I don't know who can actually answer that question.

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