On Mon, 20 Apr 2020, Helmut Grohne wrote:

Now you are probably going to say that "-isystem /usr/include" is a bad
idea and that you shouldn't do that. I'm inclined to agree. This isn't a
problem just yet. Debian wants to move /usr/include/stdlib.h to
/usr/include/<multiarch>/stdlib.h. After that move, the problematic flag
becomes "-isystem /usr/include/<multiarch>". Unfortunately, around 30
Debian packages[1] do pass exactly that flag. Regardless whether doing
so is a bad idea, I guess we will have to support that.

Urgh, no to "support that". I don't like those #include_next of a header with a different name and wouldn't mind seeing them go. But even if your patch, or some other patch, happens to make things kind of work, please do **not** consider this a supported feature, and keep fixing those broken packages (including the big bad cmake which regularly adds such flags to innocent packages).

With (or without) your patch, if a user has the bad -isystem and does #include <stdlib.h>, it will never see libstdc++'s version of stdlib.h, which contains important extra content, so that's still not working properly.

Marc Glisse

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