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Dear release team,

I would like to get a transition slot for glibc 2.31. It is available in
experimental for more than 2 months and there are no known issues or
regression.  It has been built successfully on all release architectures
and most ports architectures. It fails to build on ia64 and sparc64 due
to a few testsuite issues that need to be investigated and which are
similar to existing failures in version 2.30. It doesn't build on
kfreebsd-*, but this has been the case for a few glibc releases already.

As glibc is using symbol versioning, there is no soname change. That
said a few packages are using libc internal symbols and have to be
rebuilt for this transition:
 - apitrace
 - bro
 - dante
 - gcc-9 (s390x only)
 - libnih
 - libnss-db
 - r-bioc-preprocesscore
 - unscd

Compare to the previous transition, gcc-10 and gcc-snapshot got removed,
and r-bioc-preprocesscore got added.

Here is the corresponding ben file:
  title = "glibc";
  is_affected = .depends ~ /libc[0-9.]* \(<</;
  is_good = .depends ~ /libc[0-9.]* \(<< 2.32\)/;
  is_bad = .depends ~ /libc[0-9.]* \(<< 2.31\)/;

In addition a few new symbols have been added that might prevent a few
other packages to migrate to testing until glibc migrates if they pick
up the new symbols, however those are really limited in this version.

Thanks for considering.

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