* Aurelien Jarno:

>> This doesn't seem correct to me.  Is there any documentation giving a
>> rationale for this ?  Is there a way to change this locally ?
> I do not know enough about apparmor and its threat model to know if it
> should be considered or not. From the glibc point of view, nothing can
> be really done, it just obeys the AT_SECURE flag passed by the kernel.
> Now looking at apparmor.d(5), it seems it *might* be controlled by the
> change_profile option with the safe and unsafe mode. But I don't speak
> apparmor fluently enough to actually know how to introduce that option
> in a profile.

I think LSMs can nowadays also express security transitions that trust
the execution environment, that is, that they add more restrictions
instead of increasing privileges.  I believe we use this with SELinux,
so that these transitions to do not cause AT_SECURE to be set.  Maybe
this is something that apparmor could do as well?


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