On 2020-07-27 08:26, Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Can't be worse than not having the locale at all. Not to mention that there is
> an option --posix to assure compatibility to POSIX.1-2008, AFAICT.

This option doesn't change the output format which is glibc specific. It
only control the source format, which is defined by POSIX.

> If there are
> incompatible changes, then its my job to worry about recreating the custom 
> locales.

This is how *you* consider that. Most users that encounter broken
locales just report a bug.

> Since the postinst builds just a subset of all locales and since it even 
> maintains
> a list about it, I would suggest to erase and rebuild only these locales.

This is not so easy as the list evolve from version to version.


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