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> Package: glibc-doc-reference
> Version: 2.31-1
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> Dear Maintainer,
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>    * What led up to the situation?
> I used %s conversion to print a string to a file
> and %7[^] conversion to scan it back.

%7[^] is not a valid format string. Quoting the manual, section 12.14.5:

  To read in characters that belong to an arbitrary set of your choice,
  use the ‘%[’ conversion. You specify the set between the ‘[’ character
  and a following ‘]’ character, using the same syntax used in regular
  expressions for explicit sets of characters. As special cases:

  - A literal ‘]’ character can be specified as the first character of the set.


  - If a caret character ‘^’ immediately follows the initial ‘[’, then
    the set of allowed input characters is everything except the
    characters listed.

In your case, you want to match up to 7 characters, but given there is
no character or list of characters after the caret, it's not clear what
you want to achieve. If you want to match everything but a ‘[’, you
should use %7[^]] .


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