Klaus Weidner wrote:
On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 01:58:06PM -0700, randy none wrote:
How do you get the chroot environment to (un)mount the
compact flash card and wifi cards?

That's handled in the native environment, so run those outside the chroot
using the "Cru" tool:

	Cru cardctl eject
For me there's 'cru' not 'Cru' (I didn't change anything).
Also, networking was easy in 0.15-big, but I don't
have the same luck with 0.17-big. No network
connection and no dhcpd.

Normally the native system should handle everything. For WiFi cards, make
sure that it's powered up - "cardctl status" should *not* display

Try something like this:

	Cru cardctl insert
	Cru cardctl resume
	Cru cardctl scheme qpelan1
	Cru dhcpcd

You may need to adjust the scheme name "qpelan1" to whatever Qtopia uses.
Check your /etc/pcmcia/network.opts file.  I have a wired and a wireless card, so I have these schemes in the following order:
qpewlan0, qpelan1, and qpewlan1
It appears that qpelwan0 is in the default file and is not used, but I'm not positive.
I set these schemes up via the GUI in the Sharp ROM.

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