Dear Félix,

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 03:39:29PM +0200, Félix Sipma wrote:
> Hi Sean, and thanks for the information. So, I'll try to maintain the
> package outside of the team.
> Dear team, may I ask to join the group? I may have a few libraries I
> would like to add to the archive outside of patat dependencies. I know
> haskell reasonably well, and use it as my coding language as much as I
> can. I've not created a debian package yet, so I guess joining the team
> to use your experience may be a good first step. I use debian as a user
> (and bug reporter) everywhere I can, work as a developer and system
> administrator part-time, and as a farmer most of my time (not the usual
> job for debian contributors I guess :-)).

Go ahead and submit a request to join pkg-haskell on

Sean Whitton

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