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Quoting Sean Whitton (2018-06-12 11:04:37)
> When pandoc builds --standalone HTML output, it includes a reference 
> to an online copy of html5shiv-printshiv.min.js.  For a Debian package 
> build-depending on pandoc to generate HTML documentation, there are 
> two problems with this
> - it could be considered a privacy violation
> - it might violate the conditions for inclusion in the main archive, if
>   we don't have the source for the minified JavaScript in there
>   somewhere.
> So it should be possible to disable inclusion of this reference.

It _is_ possible to avoid the inclusion of that reference, by use of the 
--template option.

That said, I want it not only possible but to default in Debian to care 
about privacy, and now prepare a patch that is expected to be released 
later today.


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