Le 25/03/20 à 01:59, Samuel Thibault a écrit :

I got further down with this (I happen to be maintainer of the
at-spi2-core package :) ), the difference here is that the dbus-x11
package is not installed in the Linux case. If I install the dbus-x11
package, Linux starts getting the same issue: /usr/bin/dbus-launch gets
launched to autostart a session dbus bus and libatspi then tries to find
its at-spi2-core service, to no avail. Normally this only produces a
glib warning, but apparently the tests here enable making glib warnings
fatal, thus the trap.

So I was wondering whether it'd be a bug of the hurd port or of
libatspi, but apparently no, it's just an unfortunate combinaison of

Installing at-spi2-core or setting NO_AT_BRIDGE=1 should be fine then.
I would say it would be safer to do so on non-hurd ports too, in case
at some point the dbus packages end up making dbus-launch available by
default on non-hurd too.
Thanks for your investigations!

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