Hi again

El 14/04/18 a las 07:31, Christian PERRIER escribió:

> And I launched thte
> /srv/i18n.debian.org/etc/cron.d/10gen-material-unstable script
> manually, just to see what happens. 
I've had a look at the log and added one more package to the exception
list (gcc-7).
I think after that the script should update the material (until some
other package is updated in unstable and produces error :s ).

I've requested to join the debian-i18n unix group (RT#7216), but in the
meanwhile (or for the case it's not appropriate), do you mind to git
pull again?

> Indeed, we get a daily cron
> message which I (sadly) ignored for ages.....that's quite probably the
> problem.
> debian-i18n crontab on tye has:
> MAILTO="brot...@debian.org,bubu...@debian.org,f...@debian.org,nek...@debian.org,taf...@debian.org"
> but it seems that all of us are ignoring these mails nowadays.
> I don't remember how one can be added to the right group on Debian
> machines and be allowed to "sudo" to debian-i18n. I suspect this
> should be done with a ticket to the Debian admin team.
> At minimum, I can add your mail address to this crontab, Laura, tthat
> may help....
Thanks, I'll try to have a look at those mails and see if there is
something I can do.

Laura Arjona Reina

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