Hi Emmanuel (and others),

> On Sat, 15 Oct 2016, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> > Hum old bug, it should have been closed since we use the 0.x version for
> > this library now.
> Well closure-compiler doesn’t, it depends on the debian version,
> and so do all things that depend on it.

> > I added you to the group, welcome :) The patch isn't strictly
> OK, thanks.
> > necessary, you could add a substitution rule in the minify-maven-plugin
> > package (in debian/maven.rules) such as:
> No, because it chokes before mh_make is even finished, and I
> cannot change debian/maven.rules and restart mh_make because
> it starts from the beginning.

I’ve pushed a patch which at least allows me to progress further,
but did not upload it yet, because I wanted to get this discussed
at first.

This may or may not be (also) a bug in closure-compiler, but I
think having a debian version won’t hurt as most Debian packagers
expect them to exist for most packages since our tools default to
it (I stumbled over that for an (aborted) attempt at packaging
(something no longer needed) already, and Natureshadow cursed
about it already as well). I’ve only added it for one of the two
artefact aliases, though.

This may also help the gerrit packaging effort.

I don’t know how/if this could hurt anything / introduce new bugs
or regressions, please tell me if it does, as I don’t see it.

Are you okay with uploading that? If so, I’ll do it.

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