On Thu, 3 Aug 2017, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Hi all,
> As you may have noticed I have updated many Maven related packages
> recently, and I'd like to summarize quickly what I'm doing and where
> we're heading.
> Maven in testing/unstable is currently at the latest upstream release
> (3.5.0). The most visible change since Maven 3.3.9 is the colored
> console output which is really nice (except for the builder logs, they
> are now cluttered with ANSI escape code and I don't know if there is a
> way to avoid that). If time allows I'll try to backport this version to
> Stretch.
> [...]
> The situation is improving but we can do better. The upstream binary for
> Maven 3.5.0 weighs 8.2MB compressed, 10MB installed, so even with the
> package overhead I expect to halve the current numbers.

Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks for your work on this area, the improvements are clearly notable.


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