I have posted an update to the RFP bug describing the latest
fixes/improvements made to the karaf debian package:

The following fixes/improvements have been made:
 1. I've run lintian with the following argument and fixed all of the
     lintian -vIiE --pedantic --color=auto karaf*.changes 

 2. I've corrected the ownership of /etc/karaf:
    - The ownership has been changed from karaf.karaf to root.karaf
    - The mode has been set to 2770 on /etc/karaf/ itself (karaf,
      running as user karaf, must be allowed to create new .cfg files in
      this directory)
    - Set ownership root.karaf and mode 2750 on all files in /etc/karaf/
      except for the .cfg files and config.properties
    - Set ownership karaf.karaf and mode 2770 on all of the .cfg files
      and config.properties, because karaf needs to be able to write to

 3. Moved KARAF_HOME to /var/lib/karaf and let /usr/share/karaf/ have
    ownership root.root.
    $KARAF_HOME/bin, $KARAF_HOME/lib and $KARAF_HOME/system are all
    symlinks to /usr/share/karaf/

 4. Added SYSV init.d files
    Note: these are not extensively tested, because the only way I had
    to test them was to build .deb packages with the systemd stuff
    removed and try to install them and see that the daemon started, and
    that was a lot of work

 5. Moved karaf.log from $KARAF_DATA/log/ to /var/log/karaf/

 6. Bumped the upstream karaf version from 4.1.4 to 4.1.5

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